Mind Maps and Outlines

First  we prepared text into an outline form so that it can be cut and pasted into the mapping tool, and shown below.

This is going to B8 dictated a line of R game
    This should be a branch under
    And should be a sibling branch
    And a third sibling branch
        And the third sibling has a branch
        And is second child for the third sibling

and then arranged and colored

The results can be exported and saved as mm, text, pdf or png from this tool.

One interesting thing that could be done is to use a git repository to hold the changes of a knowledge trail.   API ….


There is a built-in history in this mapping tool

The first image  shows that the new stuff did not exist 3 days ago,  and then we just imported it, 
and organized it.

This is very cool feature, but is based on an auto save so your mileage may very.



I would love the code for this, Coggle software. I may be getting an API subscription.



(From Coggle’s site)

Develop Applications Using the Coggle API

Coggle has a public API that you can use to integrate Coggle with other applications. Get started on ourdeveloper page.

With the API you can:

  • Create Coggle diagrams programatically (for example, importing custom file types or data from a different application)
  • Get the content of diagrams to provide analysis.
  • Synchronise diagrams with different views of data in other applications
  • Export diagram data to custom file types.

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Spring Boot and Angular … back at you Dave

Technology  just keeps changing, but not for Dave and Emacs ;).  Many moons ago we met and we started using Emacs decades later he still is.  Very cool – RMS would be proud !!

Here is a something I find convincing … one to rule them all Emacs ..  article link

So ya, it is a testament to what works, and I love the feeling of the  Emacs editing wave. Everything about it actually, even the frig-y lisp-y functions to customize in fascinating low level language ways.

Functional to be literal, functional programming.  So in the end I might consider wiring up the Emacs for Java dev …   if I had the cash, I would use the IntelliJ products … php webstorm / idea , et el. 

So I have used 3 IDEs so far with the Java Spring development … I think, let’s count.

  1. IntelliJ Idea – JetBrains community edition. JBCE  link
    I wanted to try it.  There is a small workaround required in that the community edition does not have the built-in project generator for spring-boot apps.  Sad, but there is an online site for it ….. spring initilizr .  Eclipse probably has it ….
  2. VSCode, just started using this for spring-boot  … it has the javascript, typscript support missing in JBCE
    I use VSCode for text editing and PHP and many things.  It is my go to instead of the notepad++ or sublime, ultraedit ….. of the past.
  3. Command line tools …. mvnw and gradlew ng-cli local installs … npm ???
  4. Eclipse  (see Emacs below)
  5. Netbeans
  6. Android Studio – Intellij idea re-skin and can be used but really gateway to buy
  7. Intellij idea
  8. STS – Spring Tool Suite link  – eclipse based tool (?)
  9. Emacs ..  article link – requires Eclipse and eclim then  emacs-eclim … try this later

So ….

Emacs makes me grin as I know I could and probably should “do it there”.  It is a very good way to do stuff ~ when you know what you are doing

… If You Are Ready !   dot emacs … ctrl-go 🙂

D3 Example

Abort this as the plugin is for the older version of D3 and I got different ideas for D3 then used as a WordPress plugin; interesting but aborting to move onto Kotlin and other web projects.

Wish List

Wish List
An LG 32″ monitor would do.
something like this is cheap ….

LG Electronics IPS 32MP58HQ-P 32″ Screen LED-lit :  34888 cents.

Although i have a 19″ & 24″ & 27″ and the new motherboard has the 3rd video as a Display port, so I would need an adapter or a video card for another 12000 cents.  I can wait till things settle a bit.

I may have collected one of these, I’ll have to check the wire tote.